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MITUS - The mixtape (CD)


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MITUS - The Mixtape

1. Intro (back in black)
2. What happpened to rap? Produced by Kato (Onthetrack)
3. Faking the funk Produced by Rorks Drift
4. MVP Ft. Reason & Rorks Drift Produced by Rorks Drift
5. Hip hop saved my life (Remix) Ft. Jamilla Mount
6. Sober rockstar Ft. Dj Kidream Produced by Lamar Mitchell
7. No.1 fan (skit)
8. Boom boom bap (Preview) Taken from 7 Deadly 7" Vol.1
9. Dickhead pt. 2 Produced by Rorks Drift
10. Bucket list (preview) Ft. Kidream Taken from Entry point Produced by Lamar Mitchell
11. Incite a riot Ft. Arsona da rebl Produced by Track pros.
12. Choices Ft. Zaccy P
13. Radioactive (Remix)
14. Serial killer shit Produced by Hopsin
15. we are done (Outro)
16. Doing crazy shit (ON GTA V) **Bonus track on cd only**
17. I've got next **Bonus track on cd only**

Additional mixing by: Liam Braidner & Big T

Executive producers: MITUS & Benson